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04/18/2012 1:03pm

its very intresting to hear what you have to say on "the end of the world". but i belive it is based on opinon and will never be fact. No one knows when the world will truley end. like when every living thing on this earth dies. I do belive that one day our big blue planet will end, but not anytime soon. and im hoping that when this planet does decide to have revenge on us, that i will already be upstairs.

04/19/2012 8:31am

well of course, most things are opinion based if people make opinions on them :) If people don't let opinion get in the way, though, there are ways to predict natural events that will occur (the same thing as a weather forecast, which in previous times would have been considered witchcraft). And as I was in the process of explaining in my page about astrology, calling these natural events "the end of the world" is an exaggeration anyways. Things are only opinions when humans start to label them


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