I am making this to post pages I add to the website by date, so if anyone wants to check occassionally to see if I've added anything, it will be here, and they can keep up with what they've read or not read. (since the pages are just kind of in random orders right now, and some of them are in a sequence that youd have to dig through to find). Also, I guess you can comment on this page too, so if you have any kind of questions or something you want to say, you can put it here (whatever you want, regardless of what it is.)
   I might sometimes talk about more random specific subjects like I did with the Mayans, but mostly I'm gonna start from a general point of view and work my way down to more specific subjects. The point will be, if theres one truth you should know, what should it be, and work down from there, to discuss the most important truths first.

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    Hello I am going by Shierah which is actually my name, in a way.


    April 2012