The thing about being 17 and trying to make a website is that your guardians can decide that you can't get on the computer.
   SO, I can't. Probably for a couple months.
    I will try to finish the page on astrology at least, write it on some paper and try to get a friend to go online and type it for me. Not sure how much luck i am going to have though.
    And by after the next couple months, 2012 will be half over D: which means that the end of the world is going to be a lot closer and we'll all be over wanting to read about it by then. Then we are all going to die.
   Kidding, kidding....sort of. But yah, to find out what I mean by sort of, you should read me whenever i get arou

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    Hello I am going by Shierah which is actually my name, in a way.


    April 2012